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Whirlpool washing machine has very low water consumption, can it clean well with so little water?
All European washing machines are designed to minimize energy and water consumption while delivering the best washing performance. We are also awarded "Grade A" washing performance according to IEC standard. So the performance of cleaness is guaranteed.

Why does the machine vibrate during drying cycle?
This may due to the uneven load distribution or the machine not place properly on uneven surface. Please take note of the following: spread out your washing load evenly into the drum, avoid too little or too many loads. You can try to put in various size of clothes (big blankets to small pieces ) to enhance washing & spinning efficiency.

Why does the rubber bellow get moulds after a period of time?
They are caused by high moisture after washing. User should open the door at cycle end to let it completely dry-up every time.

Why bad smell sometimes come from the clothes after washing?
Clothes that are being hung dry in low ventilation area during humid days may have bad smell. Try to use warm water to wash the clothes (but take note on washing labels) can minimize the smell created by the mould and keep the drum clean.


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Front Load Washer

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Why dew formed on the wall behind the dryer?
The air outlet is located at the back of the dryer which result in condensation on the wall close to back panel. You can install an exhaust pipe to divert the exhaust air to the out-door.

Why spots and stain appear on the drum ?
This is caused by the use of paper type softener. You can use liquid type during wash cycle instead.

Can I connect more than one exhaust pipe as it is not long enough?
The maximum length of the exhaust pipe is twelve feet or two elbows, otherwise the exhaustion and efficiency of the dryer will be affected.
The rear and the side panel of the fridge is hot, do I need to call service?
This is a new design to improve energy efficiency by installing the condenser inside the fridge to avoid sweating during humid days. (This situation is more obvious on the first day, but will improve afterwards)



How long should I wait until the newly installed fridge to reach the normal temperature?
It is advised that user should wait around 2 hours for the fridge to reach normal temperature before putting in any food for storage.

Strange sound is heard intermittently, is there something wrong with the machine?
The temperature of the fridge is monitored by a thermostat. When the optimum temperature is reached, the thermostat will stop the compressor. The sound is created by the on/off of the compressor.

What is the ideal cleanance for normal operation?
Top : minimum 30 cm
Left & right : minimum 5 cm
Sizzling sound is heard during operation, is it dangerous?
User should clean the internal cavity every time after use to avoid residue remaining on the surface. Otherwise the residual being heated may cause sparkle, when you turn on the oven next time.

Sparkling occur during operation, is it hazard?
Do not use metallic utensil, sparkle will occur when it comes in contact with the internal walls or the ceiling while the oven is in operation. The oven can be easily damaged in this case. Check your container, and make sure that they are suitable for microwave use.

Why does the turntable keep rotate and the light still on after cooking?
This is a special "keep warm" function of Whirlpool microwave oven that allows food to be kept warm for a certain period after cooking is finished.


Utensils and cooking containers used in a microwave oven should be of a material that allows microwaves to pass freely through them.

To find out if a certain container is suitable, the following simple test can be made:

Place the empty container and a glass of water inside the microwave oven. The water is needed because the oven must not be operated empty or with empty containers. Let the oven work on full power for one minute. A suitable container will only be lukewarm.

Utensils/ Materials  
Glass (general) Yes (1)
Glass (heat resistant) Yes
Glass-ceramic and ceramic(heat resistant) Yes (1)
Earthenware Yes
China (heat resistant) Yes
Plastic (general) No
Plastic (heat resistant) Yes (2)
Aluminium foil containers/aluminium foil No (3)
Metal (pots, pans, etc) No
Paper Yes (1)

1. Without metal parts or metal trims.
Plastics should be heat-proof and suitable for microwave cooking.
Only minimal aluminum foil to cover delicate areas of food to prevent over cooking

Why do the fans rotate automatically during "off" status?
This may caused by natural air turbulence coming from the window. There is nothing wrong with the fans and motors.

Why oil drips down from the inner case?
To avoid this, user should continue to turn on the hood at least 1 minute after cooking to extract the remaining oil from the interior of the hood.

Should the cookerhood installed as close to the stove as possible to achieve optimum performance?
No! The standard installation height is 65 to 75cm between the bottom of the hood to the top of the stove. Too close may lead to the grille, light lid deformed and motor overheated.

When I turned on the Ionizer function, why I felt numbness when I touched the release area?

When the Ionizer function have turned on, the radiator released negative ions to purify the dust. It may cause numbness when you touched the release area. This is a normal phenomenon especially happening in dry weather. This is not safety problem at all.

How to enhance the efficiency of your air conditioner?
Clean the filter once a month to prevent dust accumulation. Adjust the room temperature to a suitable level, 20-22ºC is recommended to provide a comfortable environment while saving energy. Hire a professional technician to clean your air conditioner thoroughly once a year to maximize the efficiency and extend the durability of your air-conditioner.

Why water sometimes drips from the air-conditioner during operation?
In humid days, the water absorbed cannot be fully evaporated, the remaining water thus drips from the air-conditioner. To solve this, you can install a water tray and hose to drain the water properly.

Is frequent refrigerant recharge essential for maintaining cool performance?
No! Refrigerant is sealed inside the cooling system, recharge is required only if crack or puncture appeared in the pipe. Cooling performance is actually affected by the circulation efficiency of the outdoor and indoor unit, together with smoothness of the motor during operation

How frequent should I clean my air-conditioner?
For best performance, the air-conditioner should be cleaned once a year to ensure circulation efficiency.
Usage Tips
  • Display shows "HI", when the room humidity > 80%, at this moment, dehumidifier operates as normal.


  • Display shows "LO" when the room humidity between 30%-35%, at this moment, compressor will stop operation.