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Usage Tips
  • Use the timer to set the washing time before you go to bed, clean clothes will be ready for hanging when you get up in the morning.

  • Want to have cleaner result? Use warm water at 30 to 40˚C to wash clothes can increase the cleaning efficiency of the detergent.  But remember to watch out for the instructions on the caring label first.

  • Woolen cloths with machine washable label can be washed with washer equipped with Wool Washing Program. But remember to flip inside out before you put it into the machine.

  • Obtain best washing performance by choosing program according to caring label instruction with separate cycles for different color and fabric.

Maintenance Tips
  • To avoid mould appearing, wipe the plastic edge and the door dry after washing completed. Also keep it open for a while to let go the humidity. 

  • Wash the lint filter once every two months can ensure perfect cleaning result all the time.

  • Do not overdose detergent as residues will be left on laundry and affect washing performance and operation.

  • Washing bag should be put in the middle of the laundry to avoid imbalance.

  • Should disinfect washer every 3 months with detergent of 1/5 normal dosage and antibacteria program at 95˚C.

  • When not using the washing machine for a long time, unplug the power, drain all water from drainage hose and open the door to dry up the drum.