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Usage Tips
  • Use the timer to set the washing time before you go to bed, clean clothes will be ready for hanging when you get up in the morning.

  • Want to have cleaner result? Use warm water at 30 to 40˚C to wash clothes can increase the cleaning efficiency of the detergent.  But remember to watch out for the instructions on the caring label first.

  • Woolen cloths with machine washable label can be washed with washer equipped with Wool Washing Program. But remember to flip inside out before you put it into the machine.

  • Obtain best washing performance by choosing program according to caring label instruction with separate cycles for different color and fabric.

Maintenance Tips
  • To avoid mould appearing, wipe the plastic edge and the door dry after washing completed. Also keep it open for a while to let go the humidity. 

  • Wash the lint filter once every two months can ensure perfect cleaning result all the time.

  • Do not overdose detergent as residues will be left on laundry and affect washing performance and operation.

  • Washing bag should be put in the middle of the laundry to avoid imbalance.

  • Should disinfect washer every 3 months with detergent of 1/5 normal dosage and antibacteria program at 95˚C.

  • When not using the washing machine for a long time, unplug the power, drain all water from drainage hose and open the door to dry up the drum.
Usage Tips
  • Freezer is used for freezing and storing frozen food. If you store the glass bottle in the freezer compartment, the liquid inside of the bottle will freeze and cause the burst of the bottle. Therefore, please ensure the liquid (such as juice, water) volume should be less than 80% of the container volume.

  • According to below suggestions, please use your fridge correctly and effectively by adjusting the freezer and fridge compartments temperature. It aims to maintain freshness of food and its own cooling effect.

Maintenance Tips
  • Find your refrigerator sweating? Don't worry. Just turn down the thermostat, avoid the interior being too cold. And make sure the air circulation in the surrounding is good.

  • To enhance the durability, refrigerator should be places at shaded location.

  • Do not locate the refrigerator in moist place to avoid metal parts rusty.
Usage Tips
  • Using microwave oven for frying can avoid overcook and stop the smoke and grease filling up the room.

  • Using microwave oven to reheat beverage, bubbles won't appear even it has reached boiling point. But let it stand for a few minutes before you drink it.

  • Using microwave oven to cook food that got skin wrapping around it, e.g. potato, sausage, remember to pick holes on their skin to avoid bursting during cooking.
Maintenance Tips
  • Just put in a glass of lemon juice with water. Heat it up in 3 minutes.  The evaporation will help to get rid the unpleasant smell and make it easier for cleaning.

  • Do not install the microwave oven too close to the power socket. The hot steam from the oven may cause power leakage and short-circuit.

  • Leave clearance on both sides of the oven for cooling.

  • Do not stack stuff on top of an oven.

  • Please clean the food juice stick on the cavity of the microwave oven with a wet cloth as the remains and spill absorb microwave energy and extend the cooking time.

  • Please do not use corrosive cleaning agents. Please clean the glass plate with hand or dishwasher.
Usage Tips
  • To enhance the suction power of the cookerhood, you should minimize the length and the bending of the exhaust hose.

  • Let the cookerhood continue with the operation for a few minutes after you finish cooking, this can ensure the remaining smell and grease will be sucked away thoroughly.

  • For the best exhaust efficiency, please remember not only switching on the kitchen hood but also opening the windows to maintain good ventilation when cooking.
Maintenance Tips
  • Dismantle the blades and oil cup for thorough cleaning as accumulated grease on the blades would affect the exhaust efficiency.

  • Regular cleaning can enhance the durability of your kitchen hood.
Usage Tips
  • Do not put heavy pots or objects on the hob to prevent bending the pan support or drawing flames to the top.

Maintenance Tips
  • Avoid spills and clean the appliance frequently, as accumulated grease can cause fire.

  • You can spray some cleaning agent onto the surface and burner, then use a semi-wet cloth to wipe it after 3 - 5 minutes. Try not to use any heavy duty cleaning agent which can scratch the surface.
Usage Tips
  • To choose an energy-saving air conditioner, look for the Grade 1 energy label, it will save energy 15% more than a Grade 3 model.

  • Adjust the temperature from 20 to 22˚C should make the room cool enough, and guarantee energy saving at the same time.

Maintenance Tips
  • To make sure you can enjoy fresh cool air all the time, wash the air filter every month.  Also thoroughly cleaning should be done by professional technicians once every year.

  • To enhance the durability, don't re-start the machine within 3 minutes after it was turned off.
Usage Tips
  •  Display shows "HI", when the room relative humidity >= 80%, at this moment, dehumidifier operates as normal. 


  • Display shows "LO" when the room relative humidity between 30%-35%, at this moment, compressor will stop operation.