Professional Air Conditioner Cleaning Service

As an outstanding provider, our seasoned team of professionals not only specializes on repair but also on maintenance. Our professional air conditioner cleaning service provides extra value and enhance the durability of your air conditioner units, including:

High Pressure Drain & Pipe Cleaning Avoid unwanted object block the pipe (Worth:$1,020) Only applicable on choosing cleaning service of all Whirlpool split type units within the house at the same time
90-day Warranty Only for cleaned part and changed spare parts

Professional Cleansing Process (Split Type Indoor Unit)


Check the condition of your air conditioning unit.


If it functions well, our technician will start the cleaning process. Water-proof plastic will be used to protect your flooring and walls during cleaning process.


Spray detergent on the coil.


Use high pressure jet to wash away detergent and dirt.


At the final stage, high pressure jet will be used to wash away unwanted objects. By doing this, it will help to prevent blockage of pipes and water leakage. The cleaning process is complete.