Innovations & Design

Whirlpool brand's exclusive package of intuitive technologies that sense and manage what was once beyond your control
Application on Refrigerator

Exclusive Whirlpool brand 6th Sense technology in this temperature management system adds built-in sensors to your refrigerator that automatically adjust cooling to return food to the desired temparture in half the time.

Application on Cooking

Whirlpool brand's exclusive 6th Sense technology uses a sensor to monitor oven temperature to deliver consistent baking, even on multiple racks.

Application on Washing

The 6th sense detectors sense the laundry load, water inflow, and water level in the drum, thereby adjusting to optimize the water consumption as well as to recommend detergent volume needed for the wash cycle.

Application on air conditioner

Automatically senses the room temperature and the ideal temperature is being maintained at a touch of a button.