W-Mall Highlights

820 Pure Care Front Loading Drum Washer

820 Pure Care Front Loading Drum Washer

Built-under / 6th Sense Colours / 8kg / 1400rpm
  • With height of 820mm, perfect for both freestand and built under options
  • PureCare+ program effective in removing over 30 stubborn stains*
  • 99.9% Antibacterial Door Bellow & Dispenser Box# 

* According to test report of interest.
# According to test report of Chinese Academy of Science.

4 Door Refrigerator

4 Door Refrigerator

6th Sense / 591L
  • 6th Sense FreshLock & FreezerLock for Optimal Food Preservation
  • 800mm Inner Width for Flexible Storage
  • Flexi Freezer Offers Ultimate Flexibility in Setting Freezing Temperature
Multi-Functional Oven_New Product

W Collection Built-in 6th Sense Oven with Steam Added & Pyrolytic Cleaning

W7 OS4 4S1 P
73L / 3650W
  • 14 Heating Methods
  • 33 Cooking Combinations with 6th Sense Recipes
  • SteamSense Cooking
  • BakeSense Cooking
  • Cook 4 - Cook Up To 4 Dishes At The Same Time
  • Pyrolytic Cleaning Technology
  • Made in Italy
Jet Chef, Microwave with Convection_New Product

W Collection Built-in Compact Microwave Oven

W7 MN810
22L / 1300W (Microwave:750W)
  • 1 Heating Methods
  • Frontal Ventilation 
  • 3D Technology
  • Made in Italy
Wpro Coffee Clean Descaler

WPRO Descaler Pack

WPro Descaler x 2

(For use in: steamer, coffee machines and kettles) 

  • Effectively clean limescale deposits and coffee residue
  • Minimize wear and tear to optimize machine performance
  • Prolongs the lifespan of the appliance
  • Wide range of applications, including cleaning the cavity of steamers
  • Volume: 250ml
  • Made in Italy
Air Purifier, 6th Sense, 23 m²

Air Purifier

6th Sense / 36m² / 387ft²
  • The 6th Sense Photocatalyst Purification System
  • Certified By ECARF
  • High Efficiency To Remove Bacteria & Virus Up To 99.99%*

* Tested according to the National Compilation of Guidelines for Pre-clinical Research of New Drugs (West / Chinese Medicine) and National Test Standard GB21511.3-2010.

Power Dissolve Tub Washer, 5.5kg / 850 rpm_New Product

Power Dissolve Tub Washer

6.2kg / 850 rpm
  • Power Dissolve Technology
  • Slim Design with only 500mm Width
  • Combined Drain Pump Design